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        IPv6 Enhanced innovation (IPv6+),
        Commits to Intelligent Internet of Everything
        IP on Everything
        IPv6+, Building a New Network Foundation for Digital Development
        After native IP era of network reachability and MPLS era of multi-service integrated bearer, data communication networks have ushered in the IPv6+ era of automation, intelligence, and cloud-network synergy. In September 2019, China Expert Committee for Promoting Large-Scale IPv6 Deployment established the IPv6+ Technology Innovation Working Group. In October 2020, ETSI IPE Working Group was established to develop IPv6+ industry globally and enable Internet of Everything to Intelligently Connected Everything.
        From: ETSI White Paper No. 35: IPv6 Best Practices, Benefits, Transition Challenges and the Way Forward
        Six Dimensions of IPv6+
        400GE non-blocking interconnection to accelerate computing power supply
        E2E cross domain, one hop access to multiple clouds, Network Programmability
        Running multiple services on one network by network slicing,provide deterministic forwarding experience
        Low Latency
        Intelligent traffic navigation based on latency and bandwidth ensures E2E SLA assurance, builds ms-level latency networks
        In-flow detection, enabling real-time visualization of SLA quality; automatic deployment, automatic fault locating, potential fault identification
        Cloud, network and security integration, intelligent defense, global analysis
        IPv6+ is an upgrade based on IPv6. It comprehensively improves IP network capabilities in six dimensions: ultra broadband, ubiquitous connectivity, deterministic, low latency, automation, and security
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        IPv6+ Big Deal
        Embrace IPv6+ and practice IPv6+. IPv6+ innovation is taking place in the industry. Let's witness the prosperous and ecological development of IPv6+ industry.
        Industry Alliance
        2020 ETSI launches new group on ipv6 enhanced innovation
        Leader‘s Viewpoint
        IPv6+: Boosting the Value of IP Network Infrastructure
        White Paper
        2020 ETSI IPv6 White Paper Release
        Industry Events
        2020 Western Europe, IPv6 Enhanced Innovations, Embracing the IP Future in 5G & Cloud Era
        Industry Events
        2020 Middle East, IPv6 Enhanced Innovations, Policy Makes Practice, Practice Makes Perfect
        Intelligent Cloud-Network, “Power Grid” in Digital Era
        Cloud-Network is "power grid" in digital economy era. It delivers powerful intelligence and computing to enterprises and individuals. For digital development, Huawei launches an intelligent cloud-network based on IPv6+ innovation system. By building a digital, intelligent, and service-oriented next-generation Internet, Huawei provides intelligent connections and deterministic service experience for people, machines, and things in all scenarios.
        IPv6+ and Industry
        In 5G and cloud era, digital transformation of various industries makes massive terminals and diversified services access networks. Services in different industries have different network requirements. Best-effort networks cannot meet the requirements of digital transformation. IPv6+ provides deterministic forwarding, flexible connections, low-latency assurance, ultra-large bandwidth, and automatic O&M to accelerate digital transformation of thousands of industries.
        Digital FIRST for Health & Education in Ningxia
        How China Telecom Sichuan delivered the impossible
        Minsheng Bank's journey to intelligence with IP backbone